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After going trough the hardest time in his life, Adolph, an acclaimed painter, meets Gustav - a teacher with mysterious past. They are having a conversation which will reveal that Adolph's wife (Tekla) was not so honest and faithful to her husband. Gustav is proposing a plan to reveal Tekla's true nature by meeting her while Adolph is hiding in the adjoining room. When Tekla arrives on the scene, the things start to get out of control and nobody really have a clue what will happen. Who is the enemy and who is the saviour? Prepare to find out...

English language performance.


Adolph – Piotr Gilbert Zwolski

Gustav – Kiril Denev

Tekla – Judyta Turan

Written by August Strindberg

Directed by Kiril Denev

Scenic design by Sylwester Biraga

Czas trwania: 85 minut
Źródło zdjęcia: Teatr Druga Strefa

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    Kiril is the best / 23 lutego 2019

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