Friends in English

10:00, 17 kwi 2023

Teatr Capitol

Prom season begins at school. Everyone is euphoric. And they wonder… who will go with whom. Michael decides to take the opportunity to go with Lara, as he has liked her for a long time. And here’s the problem. Their families are very different from each other. Michael is poor and Lara is rich. Will they manage to overcome the difficulties? What is really important in interpersonal relations? Does different mean worse or guilty?

Join us for a beautiful, wild, moving musical, full of dance and emotions.

The musical addresses important topics. We find out that “hating” is not cool anymore!

Musical Friends supports The SOS Children’s Villages Association. The program promotes empathy and tolerance among school children in Poland. We will give a part of the income from tickets to support the association.


The performance is recommended for viewers aged 8 - 15

Czas na dokonanie transakcji 10 minut